Ministry of Testing Edinburgh: Aim for Agility!

This month we will be sponsored and hosted by FanDuel at their premises on the Quarter Mile.

Were going to look at Agility, have you come across any or all of the below challenges?

1. Disparate Agile skills: Distributed Agile team working from three locations lacked a common definition of ‘Done.’

2. Poor application performance: SLA compliance dropped to 64 percent at peak usage.

3. Limited Software Engineering skills: Limiting the programme’s ability to remove technical debts and improve automation.

4. Lack of clear non-functional requirements gathering/testing (NFR/NFT). Impact meant Testing to assess platform performance was ad- hoc and non-value-adding.

If you answered yes to any of these, you need to hear this story about how a team tackled these challenges. A Distributed Agile team working across 3 locations builds, tests and maintains this platform which also includes a comprehensive educational site to educate customers on the value of investing and saving.

The team had a goal to
• Improve time-to-market to acquire new customers faster
• Improve quality, eliminate production issues and improve CX
• Achieve cost efficiency, reduce IT costs and improve profitability

The key differentiators and principles applied were
• A true partnership with our stakeholders
• Going beyond the agreed scope of work
• Timely introduction of tools, technology and processes

The outcome was
• Increase in release cycles (from 9 weeks to 4 weeks)
• Increase in automation
• 25% increase in SLA, focus on innovation, induction of relevant tools and saved significant delivery costs
• Industry award for ‘Best Agile Project’

Along with these benefits, there has been great team ethos, improved customer experience, better skills within the team which has led to a close knit team which is capable of delivering high quality change within reduced timelines and costs.

Plan of Attack!
• 18:00 - Doors open, Pizza and Drinks
• 18:45 -Welcome and quick introductions
• 18:50 – Aim for Agility - Sushant!
• 19:30 - Break
• 19:45 – Lean Coffee
• 20:30 - Socialising at a local watering hole

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