PHP Cambridge: Docker for Web Development

Docker for Web Development shows some of the development tools covering popular platforms such as Wordpress & Drupal and Framework based applications such as Laravel using starter kits such as Lando and Docksal.

David is a senior developer at David Thorne Ltd, spending most of his time developing PHP applications using tools such as Drupal, Laravel and Grav. Having a big interest in systems administration he has found containers (and particularly Docker) to be a huge time saver.

Please join us at our new venue - The Bradfield Centre! We will be in the auditorium which features 100 seats and two 84" ultra HD screens. This is a great new venue which we hope to secure on a regular basis for the future of PHP Cambridge. *Update* Drinks and snacks are to be provided courtesy of Studio 24 - Your digital agency.

Please note, although PHP Cambridge will make every endeavour to inform you prior to attending, there is a small chance that you may be photographed or filmed by staff of the Bradfield Centre. If this is the case then these images would likely be (but not limited to) used for online publicity, social media or press releases. By attending this meetup you will be granting full rights for the Bradfield Centre to use any images or videos to help achieve The Bradfield Centre's aims.

Note: There is ample parking available at the centre for those that drive.

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