Edinburgh Devops Meetup 5th July

Doors Open 6.30 PM
Doors Close 7.00 PM

Speaker 1 - Matt Jarvis, Mesosphere
Speaker 2 - Oli Wood

Matt Jarvis : From batch to pipelines - why Apache Mesos and DC/OS are a solution for emerging patterns in data processing

Data processing paradigms are undergoing a paradigm shift as we move more and more towards real time processing. Emerging software models such as the SMACK stack are at the forefront of this change, focused on a pipeline processing model, but are also introducing new levels of operational complexity in running multiple complex distributed systems such as Spark, Kafka and Cassandra. Apache Mesos is a distributed system for running other distributed systems, often described as a distributed kernel. It's in use at massive scale at some of the worlds largest companies like Netflix, Uber and Yelp. DC/OS is an open source distribution of Mesos, which adds all the functionality to run Mesos in production across any substrate, both on-premise and in the cloud. In this talk, I'll introduce both Mesos and DC/OS and talk about how they work under the hood, and what the benefits are of running these new kinds of systems for emerging cloud native workloads

Matt Jarvis is Senior Director of Community and Evangelism at Mesosphere, engaging with the communities around DC/OS and Apache Mesos. Matt has spent more than 15 years building products and services around open source software, on everything from embedded devices to enterprise class distributed systems. Most recently he has been focused on the open cloud infrastructure space, and in emerging patterns for cloud native applications.

Oli Wood : The Value of Remote

A couple of years ago a simple problem landed on Oli's desk which turned into a monster and he discovered the real value in working with somebody else remotely to solve it.

Oli Wood spends most of his time helping to stabilise and improve systems deployed into cloud hosted environments having done so for the last 14 years or so for companies ranging from 2 person start ups to government systems (before they got good). He spends his time working on infrastructure and deployment systems so nobody notices he’s a terrible developer. In January he moved from an architecture role to leading a operational team with a strong focus on automation.

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