Edinburgh Devops Meetup 10th May

This meet up we have Ross McFadyen (Digirati) and Hannah Foxwell (Pivotal).

Doors Open 6.30
Doors Close 7.00
Ross McFadyen 7.00
Hannah Foxwell 8.00

Scaling, Tuning and Maintaining the Monolith (MySQL – The Database we all love … to hate) by Ross McFadyen

During this talk we'll take an intricate deep dive into MySQL in production and development and the problems that arise when applications need to scale.
In a world where startups grow to millions of users overnight and the Enterprise demands a tried and tested database we'll start by examining MySQL's relevance in a competitive marketplace where NoSQL and other relational databases claim to have it covered.
It can often be difficult to identify exactly where the bottleneck lies and what the next move should be; we'll discuss best practices for identifying the bottlenecks and the appropriate remedies from scaling vertically and horizontally to clustering and sharding. We'll also discuss some of the issues that come with MySQL at scale and how we can maintain it with minimal downtime whilst still performing complex tasks.

Ross McFadyen currently works as Technical Lead and Solution Architect at Digirati; A company focussed on Digital strategy, design, integration and engineering services for the public and private sector. A self confessed evangelist, Ross has an extensive career working with MySQL for a multitude of companies from start-ups to multinational corporations and in a range of sectors from e-commerce to large scale video processing grids spanning hundred's of servers and covering multiple continents.

Resilient Systems Require Resilient People - Hannah Foxwell

Building resilient systems is what we do and we do it well, but how much time do we spend working on our own personal resilience? In the ever changing world of technology, how do we ensure we are flexible, adaptable and resilient in the face of challenges and setbacks?

In this talk we’ll look at ways in which we can improve the resilience of our organisations, our teams and ourselves. Because if your team isn’t ready for change, your platform isn’t either.

Hannah is a Delivery Manager for Pivotal

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