Docker Edinburgh: Docker Meetup [DELETED]

This event has been deleted!

The Docker Edinburgh meetup takes place at Codebase, in their Event Space, which is accessible from the entrance on 38 Castle Terrace. The Meetup will run from around 18h30 to 20h00, with further discussion afterwards in the pub! Cloudsoft will be sponsoring the meetup, and pizza and beer will be provided.

Please let us know what sort of speakers or topics you would like to see at future Meetups, or if there are alternative formats like lightning talks that would prefer.

We're always looking for new speakers, so please get in touch if you have something you'd like to present about Docker or the wider DevOps community!


* Andrew Kennedy - "Docker Image Best Practices"

Some Dockerfiles generate enormous, multi-Gigabyte images, which makes startup times longer and can cause problems with service integration. In particular images that build a service from source often end up pulling in large numbers of build-time dependecies, installing a complete build environment, and so on. I will show how to use multi-stage Dockerfiles to reduce this drastically, particularly for languages like go that can be statically linked. I will also show how to set up CI builds of Docker images using Docker Compose files, and best practices for using images in general.

Current Schedule

18h30 - Pizza and beer (thanks, Cloudsoft)
19h00 - Docker Image Best Practices
20h00 - Discussion continues at an appropriate external venue...

Look forward to seeing everyone!

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