Ministry of Testing Edinburgh: Mini Meetup - RiskStorming - Mapping Risks with TestSphere

MOT Edinburgh Members we have a great opportunity for you here!

The creator of TestSphere is passing though Edinburgh on his European cycling tour to Test Bash Brighton (I did tell him there are other modes of transport available).

Beren has offered to run a free interactive workshop to demo the Risk Storming technique you can use with TestSphere during his short time in Edinburgh.

Due to the interactive nature of the demo this is limited to 25 attendees.

What is a Risk Storming?

The RiskStorming game is a visual, collaborative method to map your Testing on threats to the quality aspects that matter.

The game consists of three phases:

1. Select a subset of important quality aspect.

2. Come up with risks to the selected quality aspects.

3. Use the rest of TestSphere to create a strategy in function of those risks.

Linked is a blog that explains this in more depth from a workshop at the Agile & Automation days in Krakau.

It is explained much more in depth here:

to (Europe/London time)

More details:

More Information

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