Equal Experts: Making Distributed Delivery work & Product thinking -the art of solving problems

We have two sessions in our first event of the year.

Session One:


To some, working on a project across different geographical locations rings alarm bells - with separate teams, different working patterns and big time differences, they think it’s a recipe for problems and slower delivery.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With Distributed Development and delivery using Agile methodology, this has become an outdated view.

This talk is a case study on our own experience of Distributed Delivery using follow-the-sun methodology between teams in Sydney, London and Calgary. You’ll discover what we’ve done to make it work - and how important modern Agile principles are in Distributed Delivery.

Bethan Timmins - Delivery Manager and Principal consultant for Equal Experts Asia Pacific


Session Two:


Design thinking. Product thinking. Inceptions. People throw these phrases around but it can be a bit overwhelming.

This is a talk on product thinking and the art of solving problems. We’ve heard of the techniques, so this talk starts at the basics: why product thinking is important and how we can benefit from this in the work we do every day.

Neha Datt – Product Manager at Equal Experts

**Food and drink will be provided - we look forward to seeing you there!**

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