Wordpress Glasgow: Special Event: Introduction to Public Speaking, by Martin Sproul

This event is organised in collaboration with 8 other tech meetups from Glasgow and surrounding area. Because of this, the number of spaces available is limited to only 6.

About the Presentation:

The presentation will last about 2.5 hours and will give an overview of the following topics:

* Introduction and overview;
* Training Needs Analysis (TNA);
* Setting Aims and Objectives;
* Questioning skills;
* Presentation techniques;
* Finalising the presentation.

This will provide a very broad overview of presenting and training and should be enough to provide a framework for future presenters.
Having a frame to build on helps to structure the presentation and provides confidence to the presenter. The timeframe does not allow for anything detailed.

About Martin Sproul:

Martin is a qualified trainer and has worked as a trainer for many years in several industries, including the railway, SPT and the police.

He is now running his own business as a trainer for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and various other photography skills. In his years as a trainer, he has designed and delivered a variety of training courses, including:

* Train Driver training;
* Railway track safety training;
* Conflict management;
* Anti-terrorism awareness;
* Train the trainer;
* Railway safety for Scottish Fire Service;
* First aid;
* Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom;
* Camera skills;
* Questioning techniques
* And a few more ...

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More Information

Wordpress Glasgow meets every 4th Tuesday and every 2nd Thursday of each month in the city centre. Everyone is welcome: designers, developers and users of WordPress, with all levels of experience.