Edinburgh DevOps Meetup: 1st Devops Meetup of 2018

After a bit of a break to concentrate on Devopsdays Edinburgh We're back!

6.30pm Doors Open
7.00pm First Talk
7.45pm Break
8.00pm Second Talk
8.45pm Venue Closes - Post meetup drinks

Please note: Only people who have RSVP'd to this event will be permitted entry due to a new security policy at the venue.

# From Software Development Bootcamp to Junior DevOps Engineer - Cookie Lanfear

Cookie would like to review her findings and experience coming from a non-engineering background to changing careers through CodeClan, an intensive software development boot camp to obtaining a great opportunity at Adobe as a Junior DevOps Engineer.

With the need for skills and people with those skills, we as a tech community need to be able to facilitate and understand how we will meet those needs.

This talk can be seen as advice to her past self and future Junior DevOps engineers just starting out, things she has learned and that she needed to learn: What is DevOps? What does DevOps even mean? Flashy words are intimidating at first Keep developing with programming languages

Junior DevOps Engineer at Adobe and recent CodeClan graduate. Originating from Canada with a degree in Psychology from the University of Victoria, looking forward to being part of Edinburgh DevOps community.

# Docker First Development - Davy Jones

Docker and container technology has become the de jour way of delivering software in recent years. It has sparked a new way of developing software that means that a developers local environment can look almost identical to the production environment.

In this talk Davy is aiming to level set peoples knowledge of containers and Docker. He will be giving a whistle stop tour across the basics of containers with Docker, to using it within a local development environment and finally showing how to deploy containers in production-like environment.

Davy is currently a DevOps Engineer at Cloudreach working to break down silos in large IT organisations and build cloud native solutions. Previously worked as Sound Engineer, Network Engineer, Linux Systems Administrator and startup doer of all the things. Always looking to learn new things and fix interesting problems.

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