Ask Me Anything: A Slack-based event with Nick Lambert, COO of Maidsafe from the League of Entrepreneurs

Want to ask one of the world's leading Blockchain Entrepreneurs any question?

During this AMA you will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to Nick Lambert, or simply read the community’s questions and answers from a world leader in distributed systems. Maidsafe is a Scottish-grown company based in Ayr.


Recent article on Maidsafe in Cointelegraph:

Nick Lambert is the COO of Maidsafe which raised $7,000,000 in the world's second ever Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2014. Today's market capitalisation values the Midsafe Coin at £193,000,000!

This is an digital online #AMA event happening on Slack so you can take part wherever you are in the world via your phone or computer.

How AMA's work

- All AMA’s are done by Text based conversations on Slack (very similar to Reddit)

- Guests will receive questions before and during the live AMA

- The guest can choose to answer which questions he/she wants to


Moderators can use their discretion to remove posts they think need to be innapropriate (advertising, or otherwise posts that we feel may deteriorate the

Some awesomeness

Here's a taster from our last one with Kevin Hartz, CoFounder of Eventbrite and Partner at Founders Fund:

"Hi Kevin. what tips would you suggest for a founder with no sales experience to landing the first 5 saas clients?

Kevin Hartz - great question. Given this is your business and you are obsessing over the product, you are in the best position to sell it.

I always have considered myself a terrible salesperson so i have always had to build a great product for the market.

Founders that obsess over their business will have a 6 sense to know what their first customers will really want.

You also aren't really selling but learning what they really need and buiding it in conjunction with them so it is really partnering with your first handful of customers

I still very fondly remember the bonds with my first Eventbrite customers to this date..."

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