Agile Sheffield: Agile Dragons’ Den - Retro Retrospectives

Come along to Agile Sheffield and pitch your retrospective techniques to our agile dragons and audience!

Agile Dragons’ Den

• Have a favourite technique for team retrospectives?

• Got an idea for helping teams to find how to improve?

• Found a way to help teams work through their challenges?

Then come along to Agile Sheffield and pitch your retrospective techniques to our agile dragons and audience!

At this month’s Agile Sheffield we’re playing Agile Dragons’ Den – Retro Retrospectives.

We chose this topic based on your feedback from Agile Room 101 and that we’ve not covered retrospectives in detail.

Fancy pitching a Retro Retrospective idea?

If you’ve got a great retrospective technique that you use, have been developing or you have one that you’d like to fine tune, bring it along to our Agile Dragons’ Den.

We’ll give you about 5 minutes on stage to sell your idea – how it’s supposed to work, the benefits and how it actually works (if you’ve been brave enough to try it!). To help sell it, we’ll need a picture/photo/illustration for the big screen. It doesn't have to be one you invented, there are loads of good ideas out there and we’re interested in seeing how people get the most out of ideas, as well as developing their own.

Then our Agile Dragons and audience members will get an opportunity to ask a few questions. Based on your pitch, our dragons and audience will decide on whether to INVEST!*

Don’t worry, it’s not that daunting! We’re a really supportive bunch and we love to learn and share techniques for building better agile teams. If you’ve never spoken at a meetup before, this is a great opportunity and you don’t have to be onstage for too long!


• Doors open at 6pm

• We start talking at 7pm

• We finish talking at about 8:30pm

How to enter

If you’d like to pitch your retrospective technique or idea at Agile Sheffield then get in touch by:

• Meetup – clicking the Contact Us button in meetup

• Twitter – DM’ing us at @AgileSheffield

We’ll be in contact to get your pictures/photos/illustrations ahead of the event.

Want to be an Agile Dragon?

Think you’ve got what it takes to be an Agile Dragon? Would you like to be on stage asking questions and helping our contestants out? Then get in contact using the same methods above.

Submissions close on 27th November

* for the purpose of clarity, no real investments will take place at said event. When we say INVEST we mean it in an agile, definition of ready/policy kinda way, but you get what we mean.

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