Amazon Web Services User Group Scotland: AWS User Group Edinburgh #11

There was a plethora of announcements at AWS re:Invent in December 2017 around Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, especially in the area of pre-trained "black-box" services. Dr. Andrew Kane, Enterprise Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services will join us again and attempt to go into some detail on three of the major announcements, with a suitable break somewhere for refreshments:

- Introduction to Amazon Translate (plus interactive demo) - 30m-40m
- Introduction to Amazon Comprehend - 30m
- Introduction to Amazon Transcribe (plus pre-recorded demo) - 30m
- Bringing it all together with AI-driven social analytics - 15m

Unfortunately, time will mean that he cannot cover Amazon Sagemaker, Amazon Rekognition Video or Amazon Greengrass ML Inference - sounds like an agenda for a future session!

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We are really looking forward to meeting you! James (@cirrushq / @AWSUGScotland)