League of Entrepreneurs: Global Entrepreneurship Week - Scotland presents Mike Masnick, Founder of Techdirt.com, on the Open Web, Freedom and Silicon Valley

Mike Masnick, a 2X graduate of Cornell University (ILR - BS and Johnson - MBA), who founded the blog Techdirt as an MBA student-entrepreneur at the institution during his MBA studenthood, has become the most purpose-driven technology blogger and journalist in the world. Hosted initially in Scotland by the infamous Edinburgh-Stanford Link and the Edinburgh Entrepreneurship Club of the University of Edinburgh in 2008, Mike returns albeit virtually for a one hour "Ask Me Anything" session with the League of Entrepreneurs, the world's leading Slack community of like-minded aspiring startup leaders.

More on Mike here in Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org

Mike coined the term 'Streisand Effect'

Mike visited Scotland in 2008 and gave this talk timhowgego.wordpress.com

Along with Chelsea Manning and Free Expression Director Annie Game, Mike was honored by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) this past August of 2017 as a Pioneer. This award "recognize leaders who are extending freedom and innovation on the electronic frontier. This year’s honorees—a whistleblower, an editor, and an international freedom of expression activist—all have worked tirelessly to protect the public’s right to know". The Electronic Frontier Foundation was founded by Mitch Kapor and others in 1990 as an international digital rights non-profit, and is arguably the most important organization today in the fight to keep the internet open, free, and away from government and corporate censorship and control.

This is a virtual event and will be held on November 16th (Thursday) from 4p to 5p during Global Entrepreneurship Week. Entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world are welcome to attend.

Code of Conduct:
Members are not permitted to obviously try to sell their services or investment opportunity to our entrepreneur or investor guests on the Ask Me Anything slack channel. Participants should wait their turn, add to the the discussion, provide positive feedback to their peers, ask good questions of our Silicon Valley Speakers, who are guests in our entrepreneurial community, which is global. Standard online chat protocol exists, including the limited use of CAPS for shouting, minimal graphics and emojis, good spelling and language. The 1 hour AMA sessions move rapidly, and our "Speakers" field many questions in rapid succession.

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