BCS Glasgow & West of Scotland: March Meeting - Lean meets Team

Speaker: Graeme Lindsay
Title: Lean meets Team

Brief presentation synopsis:
A story - told from the perspective of a team - as they take a journey of discovery. Refusing to be methodology zealots, they had to pick their own path and develop a set of practices that met their needs.

Learning from their own experiences - their journey involved some accidents, some false paths and some good luck. In the end they borrowed from some Agile principles, copied from some Lean principles and made the rest up.

The team are still on their journey, but the hope is that hearing this story will inspire thoughts and ideas for others who may be on a similar journey...

Speaker profile:
Graeme has spent the past 15 years or so working as an Engineer. His early career included working on the design of systems used in wellbore surveys in the oil and gas industry, as well as the development of debug tools for the smart card industry.

For the past 11 years, Graeme has worked as a software engineer working on the development of an enterprise-grade CRM product. For 6 of those years, he has also worked as a team lead of one of the development teams.

While he used to think building software was a challenge, he’s come to appreciate that perhaps the greater challenge lies in building successful teams that build software. He takes great satisfaction from helping turn a group of smart, talented, individuals into an effective team who collaborate, communicate and get stuff done.

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