NetMeetup Scotland - Network Engineers in Scotland

For our first meeting we have

7:15pm – How the intertubes really work – Charlie Boisseau
8:00pm – GPON 101: An investigation into building an FTTH Network – James Sweet

Our first talk by Charlie Boisseau is an in depth look at the networking components required to deliver videos of cats to you device. From FTTC DSLAMs to BGP to Internet Exchange Points this talk will illustrate all that goes on to serve content to you.

The second talk details our investigations as part of a recent project into whats required to build a Fibre to the Home network. From OLTs to passive splitters to TDMA an overview of the components used in passive optical networks.

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A monthly meeting for anyone involved or interested in network engineering in Scotland. From routing to point to point wifi to DDoS we will arrange talks from local speakers doing interesting things. Anyone of any skill level is welcome to learn about the field and socialise with others working in it.