Drupal Scotland: Get off your Agile treadmill and build a community instead

Speakers Tim Gray and Bruce Darby from the University of Edinburgh will take a new look at continuous improvements and how you could be applying this to your community building as well as your products. So not just building services and functionality but organising events and engaging with the people that use your software and websites as well. When we implemented our new CMS using Drupal we could see the power of community development. Let’s have a discussion about what you are doing (if anything!) about community engagement - either with your users/customers/clients or any other community (e.g. Drupal) and what the advantages and disadvantages are.

The talk will last from 6 pm to 7 pm and afterwards, we will adjourn to the nearby bar, Hemma, for informal discussion and chat.

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More details and tickets: www.meetup.com

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