57North Hacklab: 57N OSM Mapping Day [CANCELLED]

This event has been cancelled!

I would like to announce the OSM Day 2017, on Saturday August 12 2017 @
10AM in 57North Hacklab!

This year's theme is "On yer bike" - Improving cycle accessibility data
in Aberdeen.

What's an OSM day? It's a day of playing with and hacking on Open Street

This event shall provide a reasonably comprehensive introduction to Open
Street Map for those who are unfamiliar with it.
Key areas covered will be:
- What is OSM?
- How do I contribute?
- Where can I start?

For those who already know about OSM, it'll give you an excuse to go and
get mapping or hack on the map datasets.

How can I participate?

There's lots of information about cycle accessibility that OSM can offer
- pavement ratings, street quality gradings and cycle lane information
to name a few. Much of this hasn't been filled out in Aberdeen, which
can make cycle route planning hard! Let's make things a little better by
improving the map.

If you know of roads and paths which offer shared access but aren't on
the map, this is a great excuse to cycle out to them, collect
information and help others in the future!

It's also a pretty good excuse to go to bits of the city you haven't
explored yet and see what's there!

If you're not of the going-out-and-exercising type, you're welcome to
come along and work on code, trace in data from satellite maps or just
learn more!

What should I bring?

- Yourself
- Smartphone (GPS logging/survey recording)
- Laptop (Uploading information / app hacking)
- Bike (If you've got one!)
- Weather appropriate clothing
- Lunch

Afterwards, it'd be nice to go for dinner somewhere - if enough people
are interested I'd be happy to book a pub for dinner or similar.

Some of the information you may need is already available at the wiki
page [2]

Hope to see you there - feel free to ask any questions by email and/or
add your name to the attendees table on the wiki!

[1] osm.org
[2] wiki.57north.org.uk

to (Europe/London time)

More details: wiki.57north.org.uk

More Information

Attending: 1 person.

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