Building Digital Communities - From ideas to solutions

Join Shelter Scotland on the 19th of July in Edinburgh where we’ll be exploring “Building and inspiring digital communities”.

This one day event aims to bring charities and the tech community together to look at the digital problems charities face and how the tech community can potentially help them find solutions

The idea for the event came from a project we’ve been working on. The “I need help” tool will help homeless people find and access help in an emergency. This tool was the winning idea from a Hackathon we ran last year, and which went on to be funded by Comic Relief.
We’ll be showing our journey from idea generation to building the tool.

Through our journey, we’ve realised that as a charity it’s hard to tap in to the tech community to commission work or to find advice and hopefully by inviting both charities and designers, developers and marketers to the event we’ll be able to bring these 2 communities together.

We’re keen to learn about the digital problems you face in your organisation so that we can find out if bringing the tech and charity communities together can improve the way in which we all approach digital in Scotland today.

We’ll then help attendees run through the same process so in effect we’ll be working on your ideas and understanding what the process from problem to solution is.

Who should attend

You work in the creative industries, or you're a comms person interested in digital.
You're a marketer, service desinger or work in research and user experience.
You might be a developer, product owner or designer and you're looking to get more involved with the work charities in Scotland are doing.
You work for a charity in any of these areas, or you're keen for your charity to be better at digital.

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