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Ruby is an open source language. What does that mean though? How might you help? Well October brings with it the Bavarian inspired Hacktoberfest. From the website: "Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open source software in partnership with Github." In short, a number of contributions will not only yield you gratitude from the project and the community, but it will also net you a sweet t-shirt.

The motivation here is to encourage people to contribute to open source over the course of the month. You can be entirely new to programming, or someone with years of experience, but the point is: the open source community values your input. Contributing can be anything from writing blog posts to building a whole new open source project. Here, Digital Ocean and Github are specifically tracking: writing documentation, raising bugs, working on fixes or working on new features for open source projects. Even with all the material available online, this can feel daunting to achieve by yourself. So, let’s work on it together!

We’ll start the evening with a little introduction to open source, followed by a list of potential projects that would like your help. People who have contributed to open source before will be around to offer advice, and we can work on getting your first contribution underway on the evening. Some of the projects looking for help may even be things you use regularly! All you’ll need to bring is a touch of enthusiasm, and either a laptop or the happiness to pair up with someone who has one.

If you’re not a Ruby programmer but are interested anyway, come along! The open source community is bigger than any one technology.

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