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August! The rain is still here, but there is usually the backup of warmth to go with it. A place alive with people, gawping and gaping, working out how to understand a 3D space with a 2D map. In the middle of almost every night, fireworks flare over the old town, and those impossible hang-over seats that have been building up since late May are finally in use in the castle car park. Yep, the festivals are here.
What with all this clamour and well practiced performers, this month we’re going to hold a more relaxed meetup. Bring along what you’re working on: a problem in a tutorial you’re picking through, some open source project you contribute to, or want to contribute to, or something you’d like to explore. There will be people to share with, folk who will be able to help out. Or indeed bring nothing, and we can just chat about things Ruby and Ruby adjacent.
We’ll supply some snacks to help get your hunger through to dinner, and CodeBase has water available from their kitchen. We’re a friendly bunch of humans and newcomers are most welcome!

Meetings follow our code of conduct, to ensure they provide a welcoming and friendly environment for all. No tickets are required to attend!

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