Turing Fest

Turing Fest 2017: 4 confs in 1.
Engineering. Product. Strategy. Marketing.

Learn from and connect with the smartest people in tech. 2 days, 4 tracks, 50 speakers and 1000+ delegates in Edinburgh, August 2-3 2017.

Featured speakers: Joel Spolsky (StackOverflow, Trello), Bryan Dove (Skyscanner), Maria Gutierrez (FreeAgent), Mike McQuaid (GitHub), Snook (CSS author), Adam Gross (Heroku), Anna Shipman (GDS), Jeff Gothelf (Lean UX), Qasar Younis (YC), Jane Austin (Moo)

Code of Conduct:

to (Europe/London time)

More details: www.turingfest.com

Tickets: www.turingfest.com

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