Lean Agile Edinburgh

An evening of lightning and short talks...


Arrivals & Networking: 6:30pm - 7pm

• Agile Puzzle – Detail Planning and Tracking in Agile - Jean-Sacha Melon

• #noestimates from the Trenches - Chris Preece


• The Rubber Band Effect - Richard Cornelius (lightning talk)

• Applied Experimentation in the Explore, Exploit and Secure framework - Mike Moran

Wrap-up - 9pm'ish

Scott-Logic are kindly providing pizza/refreshments and the event will be live-streamed by Product Forge - productfor.ge.

Short Talk summaries...

Agile Puzzle – Detail Planning and Tracking in Agile - Jean-Sacha Melon, Scott-Logic, Delivery Principal

One misconception that seems prevalent with organisations adopting agile is around using story points for planning, forecasting and progress tracking. Long and mid-term planning in agile can negatively impact teams, this talk will shed some light on it and how the situation can be tackled in an agile way providing much better results for the project and the organisation itself.

#noestimates from the Trenches - Chris Preece

Estimates are an everyday part of software development. Teams use estimates for planning and organisations use them for budgeting. Most agile teams now no longer estimate using time, and the perils of this approach are more widely understood. Instead, relative size estimation (using story points or similar) are used. Is this more effective? Is there a better way to get the information organisations and teams want without reading runes, looking into a crystal ball, or training yourself to read tarot cards? Applying a predictive model, rather than a model based on estimates could help you, your team, your organisation, and your customers plan and budget better than you do now.

Applied Experimentation in the Explore, Exploit and Secure framework - Mike Moran, Skyscanner, Engineering Manager

Mike works on a team which owns features like the Homepage and Browse Views. This short talk looks at how they have balanced developing entirely new features with getting the best out of existing features, whilst tackling the "scourge of BAU". The application of experimentation in each area will be used as a spotlight to show the difference between Explore, Exploit and Secure work.

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More Information

Started in June 2013, Lean Agile Edinburgh is an informal and social monthly meetup to discuss and share all things agile, lean, kanban, scrum, etc. At most meetups we have talks, workshops/activities or Lean-Coffee discussion sessions.