Turing Talks

13th June. National Museum of Scotland.

An exciting, brand new conference hosted by the family of Alan Turing themselves!

Come hear about how innovative technology is Challenging the Way We Change Our World - with a focus on development in Africa!

Hear from:
Steve Clayton (Chief Storyteller and former CEO of Microsoft (via live Skype from Seattle))
Stephen Kelly (CEO of Sage)
Amanda Regan (Engineer of the European Space Agency)
Roland Bone (VP of the Barclays Financial Crime Unit)
Sir Tim O'Shea (Principal of Edinburgh University)
Dr Geoffrey Siwo (Researcher at IBM)

The whole conference will be chaired by:
Sir Dermot Turing (nephew of Alan Turing) and,
Bernie Hollywood OBE (Lloyds Colleague - raised over £39.6 million for charity).

All proceeds from the conference will be going directly to support the work of the Turing Trust in Ghana, Malawi and Kenya (bridging the digital divide through provision of refurbished computers for education).

We look forward to seeing you there!

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More details: www.turingtalks.co.uk

Tickets: www.eventbrite.co.uk

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