Edinburgh Mobile Dev Meetup

Our regular Mobile Dev Meetup event!

The event will be hosted at the NN4M office and there will be pizza and beer provided.

We'll be welcoming people into the office from around 6.30. There'll be plenty of time to network and get to know the other members in the community around the talks. There'll also be time before the talks to have introductions and any notices regarding team ups, projects, recruitment etc.

Topics can be more technical with a focus on app development or more focused on the business/monetisation side. The event will cater to app development in general but if the content of an event will be more platform-specific we will try to announce this as early as possible to ensure you sign up for the events most relevant to you.

The event should be over by around 9.


Lisa Huang - Accelerated Mobile Pages

Bio: Lisa Huang is a co-founder of FlightGold, a fullstack engineer based in San Francisco bay area. Lisa has a background in digital marketing, building mobile-optimized web apps and a keen Rubyist. She is a self-taught developer and started her coding journey with FreeCodeCamp projects.

In her off time, you can find Lisa exploring the West coast and hacking on Arduino.

Description: In Oct 2016, mobile and tablet internet usage exceeded desktop for the first time worldwide! With over 50% of your users on their phones, is your web app optimized for them? Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source initiative, a Javascript library for building lightening speed mobile web apps. As of May 2017, there are over 2billion AMP pages and growing! The Washington Post, eBay, Airbnb, these are just some companies who are using AMP in their web products We will look under the hood and learn about how AMP optimizes performance with resource allocation, invisible ink, sandbox iframes and more. Attendees will learn about what makes AMP pages lightning fast on mobile, and get up and running with a code demo.

Attendees will learn first hand about:

1. How AMP addresses mobile web challenges

2. How to build a valid AMP page with navigation, embedded media, and user interactivity.

3. Future AMP integration with progressive web apps (PWA)

Valentin Hinov - How to build a coffee maker : Dagger 2 for Dependency Injection on Android

Bio: I'm also the Technical Director at Rockspin, a small studio where we do direct contracting as well as full client projects. We also try to fit in our own stuff when we can. I got hooked on making apps since I first bought an Android phone and have been at it ever since. In this last year I've been preaching about Dagger, RxJava and Kotlin to anyone who wants (or even doesn't want) to listen. My goal is to find a "strong and stable" architecture for apps.

About the Talk: By now most people know about Dagger 2 - the suggested dependency injection library to use in Android. Setting it up and using, though, can be a mystery to even seasoned devs. Recently, Dagger had a major release (2.11) specifically adding android components which changed the way it has to set up. In this talk I'll go over how to set up Dagger 2.11 for an Android project and try to explain how some of it magic works.

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