How Data Transforms Cities & Communities - #DataFest17

Rapid urbanisation is transforming our cities and communities

Cities are the powerhouses of the world’s economy. With more than half of the world’s population now living in cities, business is taking full advantage of the opportunities this creates.

But there are also challenges: How do businesses optimise their operations for each city? How does government shape cities & services to make them more efficient? How can citizens help to create a more livable community?

The solution - data integration and sharing across organisations

Cities and communities are increasingly using data and digital technologies to manage urban congestion, maximise energy efficiency, enhance public security and resilience, allocate resources based on real-time evidence and turn operational data into insight, information and knowledge.

With data businesses, government and citizens can work together to create more livable cities and drive change from the bottom up.

The >How Data Transforms Cities and Communities< event will:
*Showcase past, present and future projects from Scotland and beyond.
*Bring together a series of talks by members of the open data and smart cities community across Scotland
*Be a mix up of talks, Q&A, networking and general good times.
Speaker list and detailed agenda coming soon.

This event is a #DataFest17 fringe event.

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Attending: RekaKovacsOpenData

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