GameDevSoc: Jam Sandwich

GameDevSoc are hosting a two-day gamejam this semester!

Gamejams are about making something interactive in a short span of time. It's a great way to meet new friends and learn new skills.
The event will run from 10am-6pm on both days (NOT overnight), and there will be keynote speakers, workshops, food and prizes.

There is no entry/membership fee, and do not feel shy about your skills-- we're all here to learn from each other and make things together. Everyone is welcome! Pop along if you're curious :)

Code of Conduct:
GameDevSoc follows EUSA's Safe Space Policy.

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Attending: 2 people.

About GameDevSoc

We create a welcoming environment for seasoned game developers and beginners alike, through monthly socials with talks and gamejams. Anyone can pop along at one of our meetups!