Edinburgh Mobile Dev Meetup

Our regular Mobile Dev Meetup event!

The event will be hosted at the NN4M office and there will be pizza and beer provided.

We'll be welcoming people into the office from around 6.30. There'll be plenty of time to network and get to know the other members in the community around the talks. There'll also be time before the talks to have introductions and any notices regarding team ups, projects, recruitment etc.

Topics can be more technical with a focus on app development or more focused on the business/monetisation side. The event will cater to app development in general but if the content of an event will be more platform-specific we will try to announce this as early as possible to ensure you sign up for the events most relevant to you.

The event should be over by around 9.


Katie Lyne:

Title: CivTech®: driving daring and innovation in the public sector

Abstract: CivTech® is your chance to...

· Take a public sector Challenge and solve it in an innovative way

· Secure a public sector client through a streamlined procurement process

· Get paid to co-design and co-develop the new products: there's an Exploration Stage £2k, an Accelerator Stage £15K, then a further amount for the Commercialisation Stage (the amount dependent on the Challenge and the nature of the product)

· Keep 100% of your IP

· Keep 100% of your equity

· Be part of a bold movement to drive daring and innovation into the public sector

· Be part of a tech co-location and collaboration space helping to make Scotland a more prosperous, just, open and equal society - and along the way, make people's lives better.

Bio: Katie is currently one of the CivTech® Pilot Managers within the Digital Public Services and Business Transformation Division of the Digital Directorate. She’s been with the pilot from the start and still loving every second. Katie comes with a background in marketing, events and leadership and is enthusiastic about the power of digital transformation and the benefits it can bring to the public sector.

David Brennan

Title: iOS: An Android Developer's Tale

Abstract: After transitioning from Android to iOS development, David prepares to tell us the best and worst of both worlds from the point of view a mobile developer.

Bio: David Brennan is a Software Developer with four years experience working on mobile applications for retailers, starting on Android and adding in iOS for the last two years.

Jonathan Heap

Title: Pitching your mobile application

Abstract: For those interested in how to sell your finished product, this talk will cover how to sell your application to clients and businesses.

Bio: Jonathan Heap has been the CTO of NN4M for twelve years. The role has included helping with server-side development as well as helping getting the company off the ground by pitching and selling to new customers and maintaining good relationships with existing ones.

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