ScotRUG Edinburgh: Heather Burns "Brexit for Geeks"

March means that spring has arrived. The days are no longer interrupted by incredible stretches of darkness; there’s more light in the world. Wee white and yellow buds start to poke their heads above the ground, marking the return of brighter colours to the natural world. Renewal, and new beginnings.

Heather Burns ( is a digital law specialist. She spends her work time trying to bridge the gap between digital policy makers and those who are are designing and developing web things that are impacted by such policies. The things you do online, from sending messages to friends on WhatsApp to starting a new business, are impacted by the decisions of people at local, regional and global levels. Understanding current law and pending law can help inform the choices you need to make as to where you store your data, and what you need to say to your local representatives.

Heather has kindly agreed to come and speak to us about Brexit for Geeks. As usual, there will be plenty of time for questions afterwards.

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