Software Testing Club: CovTesters Meetup - Thinking like a Security Tester with Bill Matthews

Thinking like a Security Tester

A significant hurdle for testers wanted to start security testing is knowing how to start, where to start and how to talk about Security with others. While it’s relatively easy to pick up a few tricks and tips but Security Testing is more than a bag of tricks that is taught in some classes. In this session we will delve into some models and strategies that have helped me in my journey towards becoming an effective Security Tester on projects; we will focus on two key areas:• Models and Strategies for exploring the Security of a System• Strategies for talking to others about Security Testing and Security Problems. While this is only a short session, it should give you several starting points to deepen your exploration of Security Testing.

About Bill

Bill has been a freelance test consultant for over 18 years working mainly on large migration and integration projects as a Test Architect, Manager and Technical Tester Lead. He spends much of his time focusing on helping companies deliver the more technical elements of system and operational testing such as automation, integration, performance and security.He is a regular speaker at testing conferences mainly on technical topics as well as delivering workshops and training courses focusing on security testing in different contexts such as web, APIs and mobile application security.

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