• As our next meetup falls just one day before Halloween, we couldn't resist choosing a spooky theme!

    We’ll be meeting in BOM for some spooky games and activities before going on for drinks at a nearby city centre pub (location TBC).

    Fancy dress is encouraged (but not compulsory). Looking for some inspiration for your fancy dress? Check out EFF's fun blog post, Five Halloween Costumes for Digital Rights Activists (

    We'll be awarding prizes for the most imaginative costumes so dress to impress!

    Got an idea for Halloween/digital rights crossover activity? Get in touch and we’ll add it to the mix.

    Icons made by Freepik from

  • Are we at a tipping point for online abuse? Will killer robots change policing? How are extremists using the Internet and can we do anything about it? Is the Internet empowering the marginalised or the most powerful? How are the online rights of people of colour, women, and other marginalised groups being disproportionately affected by regressive laws and online abuse? What are the surveillance developments we should be worrying about next? How can open data transform government? Does the age verification of porn put our privacy and free speech at risk?

    These are some of the questions we will be asking at ORGCon 2017. Our amazing line up of writers, technologists and experts will look at the threats we face and what we can do about them. But we'll also be talking about how the Internet has changed politics and campaigning for the good, and how we can harness this to give ordinary citizens a voice, and help to hold the powerful to account.

    Confirmed to speak so far: Graham Linehan, No...