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  • Author, BoingBoing co-editor and digital rights activist Cory Doctorow will be signing copies of his latest novel, Walkaway, at Waterstones Birmingham between 1 and 2pm on Friday 26 May for a signing event for his will be joining us in store to sign copies of his brand new novel, Walkaway.

    In addition to being a great author, Cory has played a crucial role in the development of ORG and remains a good friend of ours to this doay. Let's return the favour by making sure there are plenty of fans at his book signing!

    This is a free signing and does not require a reserved ticket. To avoid disappointment please arrive promptly.

    More information about Walkaway

    Hubert, Seth and Natalie are way too old to be at a Communist party. But in a world wrecked by climate change, in a society owned by the ultra-rich, in a city hollowed out by industrial flight, they have nowhere else to be and nothing better to do.
    But there is another way. After all, now that anyone can design and print the basic ne...