The Developer Academy: Requirement capture techniques - 2 days Training 16th & 17th July

This training course is delivered remotely over 2 days from 10am to 4pm, on 16th & 17th July.

Effective client communication and requirement gathering form a critical, yet often overlooked, segment of the sales and customer management process in technology-based companies.

This course teaches how to deal with clients, how to get specifics from those who are not familiar with software, how you document requirements / specifics on what they want and how to communicate with people who are non-technical.

Key Topics covered:

1. Introduction to Requirement Capture

2. Stakeholder Identification and Analysis

3. Requirement Elicitation Techniques (Interviews, Surveys, Workshops, etc.)

4. Use Case and User Story Development

5. Requirements Documentation and Specification

6. Requirement Validation and Verification

7. Tools for Requirement Management (e.g., JIRA, Confluence, etc.)

8. Agile Requirement Capture Techniques

9. Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

10. Real-world Case Studies and Practice Sessions

This training course is delivered remotely over 2 days from 10am to 4pm, on 16th & 17th July.

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