Sheffield Pattern Club: Algorave Sheffield

Sheffield algorave is back ! Experience music + visuals live coded and generated by algorithms, projected for your pleasure. If you've not been to one before, journalists try to explain here:



Lil Data - visiting from Reykjavik, Lil Data is well known for bringing pop-infused live coded love to the PC Music label.

Polinski - one quarter of legendary Sheffield band 65daysofstatic, and long-time explorer of the application of algorithms to noise/rock/electronic bangers.

Collapse - we’re super happy to be hosting collapse who runs the London Pattern Club node.

Nzo - Sheffield-based DJ and producer is bringing out an awesome and very patterny release on DDS, this will be their first time performing live and promises to be special!

Also... Sheffield Algorave/Pattern Club residents Eye Measure and Yaxu <3

Tickets are £8/10/12 (pay what you can afford):

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to (Europe/London time)

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Attending: 1 person.

Sheffield Pattern Club is a group of people who meet roughly monthly to explore patterns in craft, technology, music, performing arts etc. Imposters and beginners are welcome.

Sheffield City Centre, Sidney St & Matilda St
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