Open Source Glasgow: Intro to Linux command line for beginners

A guided exploration of the Linux server command line.

Aimed at absolute beginners. We'll show how to securely connect to a server then we'll work through Bandit, an adventure game set in the command line that progresses step-by-step from the basics to common programs and beyond.

This will be an in-person event in the quiet lounge of the newly open The Gamer Club, on Bath Lane next door to The Buff Club.

I'll work through the challenges on the big screen and explain what I'm doing as well all work together though the levels. Join in and play along or feel free to work on your own through the advanced war games and someone there should be able to assist you if needed.

Code of Conduct:
Berlin code of conduct.

to (Europe/London time)
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Open Source Glasgow, a group dedicated to encouraging the use of open source software and technology in Glasgow. We hold regular informal classes on how to set up a basic web server and basic linux command line use.

It's hidden away on Bath Lane, just along from The Buff Club - look for the red door. Directions available at