Edinburgh Linux Users Group: On day $N of Christmas, FOSS gave to me...

The theme for our December meetup is "On day $N of Christmas, FOSS gave to me..."

To make this work, your LUG needs you! The more speakers we can find, the more fun this will be. :-D It would be amazing if we could do 12 talks. It will be a *maximum* of 5 minutes per talk, so it's not a big commitment.

The idea is simple: tell us about some cool open source thing! It could be a game, a useful tool, or an algorithm (with an open source implementation). It could be something so widespread we hardly notice it, like DNS, or a personal story like how you rescued a broken laptop using Linux. It could be open hardware, or even an open source cola. The only requirement is for something open source which you're glad exists!

Please get in touch with Thomas (takluyver@fastmail.com) or post in the comments if you'd like to give a talk. If you're not sure what topic to talk about, I'm happy to help you figure that out.

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We are a not-for-profit group based in Edinburgh. We aim to promote the use of Linux, other Open Source tools and provide user help in a convivial setting, through talks, demos and related volunteer-led activities.

Meetings are held monthly except in August due to the festival.

For more details view our website at edlug.gitlab.io

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