The Future of Work in Scotland: Adaptability - Don E. Vandergriff

The Future of Work Scotland team are delighted to be hosting award winning author, writer, teacher and ex-US Marine Don E. Vandergriff.

In this session, Don will explore bringing adaptability and mission command to the work place.

Learning Objectives:

What can our attendees expect to take away from the session?

● How adopting mission command can be used to make a more empowered and adaptive workforce.
● The pandemic has encouraged decentralization, but the missing part is how to develop it? It does not require expensive technology or high end speakers (that actually works in the opposite way)
● How to develop people to enable it. In the book this can be translated into civilian centric methods to teach people how to be more adaptive and empowered

Here some more on our awesome speaker for this session:

Donald E. Vandergriff is considered an expert on Mission Command, Maneuver Warfare and Leader Development using the latest in Learning Methodologies. He is a noted speaker, award winning author, and teacher being named ROTC teacher of the year. He is also the author or editor of six other books and over 100 articles. He is also a retired Marine and Army officer having served 24 years in uniform, and another 12 years as a contractor, both overseas and in the US.

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