Open Source Glasgow: Practical Linux Tutorial: Command line basics and Webserver from Scratch (+LAMP)

Going forward, we've decided to combine our bi-monthly events into one monthly one - so "Linux Command Line For Beginners (and Hackers!)" and "How to set up a webserver from scratch" has now become this event. We are basically doing both in one, so it shoud hopefully be a net benefit for everyone.

=== Linux Command Line For Beginners (and Hackers!) ===

Guided exploration of the Linux server command line

Aimed at absolute beginners. We'll show how to securely connect to a server then we'll work through Bandit, an adventure game from set in the command line that progresses step-by-step from the basics to common programs and beyond.

It starts easily, but as it's designed for hackers it gets complex quickly - so those that already know their way around will get a challenge too.

=== How to set up a web server from scratch ===

This is a monthly event to teach newcomers how to set up a basic Ubuntu web server.

We'll also have some time to assist with any open source/Linux issues you might need help with.

Suitable for complete beginners but if anybody with more experience wants to come along and help out the new people, please feel free to join in!

We'll use Amazon Web Services to set up an EC2 instance and install Ubuntu on it. Then install a webserver, a database and show you how to securely connect to it.

We usually let people work on some basics of PHP (based on the wiki tutorial) so if anybody wants help with that feel free to ask (we'll also cover some of the very basics (how to transfer files, get your environment set up etc).

Alternatively, you might want to try installing any software you are interested in (like Wordpress, Pleroma or any new projects you'd like to try out) and we'll help you get them set up.

=== Matrix Chat ===

As usual, join the Matrix chat to get to know us before the meetup (or to prepare us for any questions we might be able to help you with on the night). The room ID is - you can create an account on (or sign up anywhere - it's all decentralised and open source, of course!)

=== General ===

There is an optional donation of £2 to cover meetup costs - there'll be a donation jar next to me on the night.

You'll need a laptop to get the most out of this session.

More details available on the wiki at

Code of Conduct:
Be nice to each other. We don't think it really needs said. We do not judge anyone and everyone has something to contribute, no matter their level of expertise. If anyone has any problems let one of the organisers know and we'll do our best to help resolve it.

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More Information

Open Source Glasgow, a group dedicated to encouraging the use of open source software and technology in Glasgow. We hold regular informal classes on how to set up a basic web server and basic linux command line use.

We'll be standing at the bar. Look out for the 2600 t-shirts.

153 North Street
G3 7DA