Startup Meetup Sheffield - July 2021

Startup meetup Sheffield is the place to be if you are a founder, investor or involved with startup in any other way!

About this event

Startup meetup Sheffield is an event celebrating entrepreneurship in the Steel City and cutting the ties between the different stakeholders involved with our startup ecosystem.

Having organised a very successful meetup in June for the first time since the pandemic, it is time to turn the meetup into a recurring monthly event as it was requested by a lot of the attendees on the previous one.

As the country will definitely open this time, we will host the event at Sheffield Technology Parks, one of the integral parts of Sheffield's startup ecosystem.

Agenda: TBD

If you are a founder, investor, if you work for a company related to startups or if you are just a startup enthusiast and want to meet like-minded people, this meetup is for you!

Please secure a free ticket as this is a way for us to control the number of attendees and ensure the safety of everyone. You will be advised whether to wear a mask or not depending on Sheffield Technology Parks' policy, but in any case please bring one!

We can't wait to meet you!

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