The Future of Work in Scotland: AMA about Team Fluency: Enabling Best Fit for Teams and Business - Diana Larsen

The Future of Work Scotland team are very excited to be bringing you this amazing Ask Me Anything event with the industry leader that is Diana Larsen, co-author of the seminal text Agile Retrospectives.

Come join us for a dialogue with Diana Larsen, author, coach, consultant, speaker, start up founder, and sojourner in the many various fields of Agile. We'll focus on your specific, real-time questions, challenges, dilemmas and issues about all aspects of the Agile Fluency Suite (Model, Diagnostic, Improvement Cycle, and more). She will also be open to discussing retrospectives, teams, agile, adoptions, lift offs and team chartering, the future of work, managing & leading agility, complexity, team learning environments, and more. There will be only a few prepared slides, followed by a spontaneous Q&A about real challenges you face today. Invite her to discuss whatever is top of your mind! We'll get through as many topic areas as possible between networking and close. It's sure to be insightful.

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Agile Fluency Project

Learning Objectives:

What can our attendees expect to take away from the session?

● Clear answers to your questions about the relationship between software teams and business outcomes
● Deeper understanding of applying the Agile Fluency Model and organizational investments
● A lively perspective on the 20+ year history of Agile approaches
● Ideas about becoming the best Agile coach/consultant you can be

Diana Larsen co-founded Agile Fluency® Project* with James Shore in 2015. Through the Agile Fluency Project’s programs, Diana shares the wisdom she’s gained in over three decades of working with leaders, teams, and organizations.. For agile coaches, consultants, and leaders in the Agile Fluency community, she serves as Chief Connector, as well as coach, mentor, and consulting partner.

In her books, talks, and work with corporate clients, Diana has contributed to both foundations and extensions of Agile thought. Diana co-authored the books Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great; Lift off: Start and Sustain Successful Agile Teams; and Five Rules for Accelerated Learning. Most recently she co-authored and offers a free eBook, The Agile Fluency Model: A Brief Guide to Success with Agile, available on the website.

*Agile Fluency is a registered trademark of Agile Fluency Project. LLC

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