How can Humanities help you shape and share your organisation's narrative? - By Sheffield Innovation Programme

Open to SMEs within Sheffield City Region, The Creative Intervention is a one-day series of 2-hour creative innovation workshops on March 11.

About this Event

How can you envisage new markets, new products or services, new staff practices without being able to imagine the unknown? Creativity is something that can be nurtured and developed. It can lead to innovation, growth, and change. In this online workshop, let us show you how creative techniques can help release your business potential.This series of informal workshops are designed to help staff and leaders explore creative ways to solve problems, develop solutions, and imagine new opportunities. The first set of workshops are below. We will be running additional creative innovation workshops according to demand.

In this series, we want to show how the way we think can help people in their business practices. We want to offer two tried and tested models (creative writing & applied theatre) that have been used successfully for other businesses and show that the soft skills expertise that Sheffield Hallam can offer is powerful and useful and useful as you grow, sustain, and develop your SME.


Session 1 – 11 March 11am – Communicating with staff on Zoom / Teams

Session 2 – 11 March 12pm – The Business Narrative

Workshops will be delivered by Ashley Barnes and Yvonne Battle-Felton and will be Zoom-based and no preparation is needed.

Programme Information:

Session 1 – (Applied Theatre) Communicating with staff on Zoom or Teams

Seminar focus: Verbal communication on Zoom / Teams, active listening, focus, self-consciousness and self-reflection

Who will benefit?

• Anyone who conducts meetings online, line managers, people with training responsibilities, HR, organisations that need to maintain excellent communication with clients

Our agenda will be interactive, collaborative and applied. We will:

• Do a quick demonstration of how the techniques work

• Invite you to sit back and watch, but also recognise the knowledge and skills that you can bring too

• offer some insights and models from research and practice to help you shape some training to your own organisation

• •

Session 2—The Business Narrative

Seminar Focus: reflecting and writing why you and your business do what you do, who you do it for, and what obstacles you’ve faced; and identifying potential obstacles.

Our seminar will be interactive, collaborative, and applied. We will

• Invite you to reflect on your business origin story

• begin writing your business narrative: the story you tell others, the story you tell yourself

• begin writing and imagining post-Covid business opportunities

to (Europe/London time)

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