Front Endgineers London: e2e Tests With BDD Specifications & Tales from a front-end dev on call

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Tales from a front-end dev going on call

Steve Hornsey will share his experience of going on call, what he learned and how it made him a better developer.

The Ultimate Mashup: Combining e2e Tests With BDD Specifications

Testing the workflow of any application can be challenging to automate. Unit tests are great to perform isolated testing on a given frontend component. However, it proves difficult to test a full screen workflow across components, nevermind the interactions taking place across the technology stack.

End to end testing frameworks provide an opportunity to address such challenges. However, even though such obstacles are overcome, the testing format adopted by e2e testing frameworks isn’t really stakeholder friendly. It can take time for new developers to understand the workflow and tests, especially if they are new to e2e testing.

In this talk Carly will share her experiences on how combining Behavioural Driven Development specifications with e2e testing frameworks can help produce more accessible user testing. She’ll also share an example of best practices using Cucumber and Protractor, and discuss the options you have when looking to test your application end to end.

About the speakers

Steve Hornsey is a full stack developer at Elliptic. You can find him on LinkedIn -

Carly Richmond is a technical lead at Morgan Stanley, working within the Treasury Technology area. Before becoming a developer in the firm’s graduate programme in 2011, she was a Software Engineering student at Glasgow University. She is an Agile evangelist, UI enthusiast, regular blogger on Medium and avid tea drinker.

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The Front Endgineers is a group for Software Engineers with an interest in Front End technologies. Through our forum and regular meetings you can keep in touch with the latest industry developments, learn new technologies, meet other developers, discuss technical/non technical issues and network further throughout the community.


What is the Front Endgineers group?
What goes on in the Front Endgineers?
Who can join?
Is there a fee to Join, is there a fee for the events?
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What is the Front Endgineers group?

The Front Endgineers is a technical user group for software engineers based in London. It was founded in October 2013.

What goes on in the Front Endgineers?

We are hoping to run a variety of regular events ranging from social events to technical presentations. On top of the events we aim to run prize draws and develop an active mailing list/forum. We will support the Graduate Development Community in London and promote London based Open Source Software projects where possible.

Who can join?

Membership is restricted to Software Engineers with an interest in Front End technologies working in or around London (or those hoping to train into these technologies, or relocate to London).

Is there a fee to join, is there a fee for the events?

It’s completely free to join and our events will be completely free.

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Just click on the link on this page to sign up to the mailing list, you'll hear of all of our latest news and events and can take part in the monthly prize draws.

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Absolutely not - it’s completely up to you which events you attend and which you don’t. Every event attracts a different crowd.

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