Digital for Good - The Evolving Threat Landscape 2021

This month we are delighted to be part of Cyber Scotland week and have a very interesting speaker! Join us for our first meetup of 2021 on February 25th 6 pm on Zoom.

Here's what we have in store:
* Garry Scobie, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer ( CISO ) from University of Edinburgh Information Security Division- The Evolving Threat Landscape 2021 - Garry's presentation discusses the threat landscape for 2021, providing an overview of attack trends and what we may expect to see over the coming year. The importance of being aware threats can originate from a wide range of external and internal sources is highlighted, noting that threats are not always initiated by an anonymous hacker.

* Project updates! You'll hear how our projects with Drake Music and YoungScot are doing. There will be opportunities to volunteer and take part!

* Opportunity for charities to request help and seek advice with most pressing digital challenges

See you then

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