EdLambda#1- Tech talks with Philip Wadler

Hey everyone! 👋

Join us on Thursday 18th February for the first EdLambda event of 2021!!

We'll be hosting the event virtually - so whilst unfortunately we can't supply much pizza or networking - we're hoping to give you fun evening nonetheless and plenty of opportunities to put your questions to our speakers!

To kick the year off, we'll be welcoming our special guest Philip Wadler to give a talk on "(Programming Languages) in Agda = Programming (Languages in Agda)"

This session will be an introduction to Philip's textbook here: Programming Language Foundations in Agda (plfa.inf.ed.ac.uk)
"To prove properties of programming languages in Agda, all we need do is program a description of those languages Agda. Finding an abstruse mathematical proof becomes as simple and as fun as hacking a program."

The event will start at 6:00pm with a quick intro from the EdLambda's hosts, before getting stuck into Philip's talk!

Thanks all! Please feel free to spread the word about this meetup on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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About EdLambda

EdLambda is an Edinburgh group for people interested in functional programming which has been running since September 2010. We meet in the Outhouse pub on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm. There is usually a talk on a subject of interest to functional programmers, followed by chat and drink! EdLambda meetups are free events and everyone is welcome.