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As an ethical fintech company, how do you connect with your target audience? In this meetup Kathryn Strachan, Managing Director of Copy House, explains what fintech companies can do to stand out from the crowd and use purpose-driven content to grow their brand. The audience will walk away with three key 'hacks' that they can employ today to improve their visibility and attract new customers.

Kathryn Strachan is the Managing Director of Copy House Ltd., a content marketing agency specialising in technology and FinTech content.

Kathryn launched Copy House in April 2019 after working in-house at digital agencies and then successfully running a freelance copywriting business. Her copywriting business quickly transformed into a content marketing agency with a seven person team and globally renowned clients including Klarna, Modulr, Travelex, and Cigna. where you’ll find frequent posts and articles on entrepreneurship and technology.

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