Lean Agile Glasgow: Using Agile To Transform Recruitment: A Case Study - With Jennifer Kennedy

Agile has its roots in software development, however it has recently blossomed into use in many other areas of business. It isn't just for tech any more, it is transforming how organisations hire, develop and manage their people.

This session looks at how an organisation applied agile methodologies to their existing recruitment process and completely transformed it. Come along to find out how the the employee experience was put right at the heart of the new design. Learn about the dramatically improved employee journey which lead to a reduction in short term turnover; a reduction in candidates dropping out between job offer and start date; an increase in employee experience and improved credibility with business areas.

Jennifer Kennedy will lead this session . She has worked in various HR roles for the last 20 years, predominately in financial services. She started applying agile techniques to her work 8 years ago and is an experienced Scrum Master and Agile Coach within People functions.


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