Edinburgh UX meetup: Edinburgh UX monthly meetup

This meetup will take place online via Zoom, starting at 6.30pm.

If you're new to the group and/or would like to meet up for some chat beforehand I'll be around from 6pm onwards. Please feel free to drop in and say hello.

This month we welcome not just one, but TWO fantastic speakers.

Anne Dhir is Head of Strategy at Snook. Anne will be talking to us about what happens when service design, data analytics and policy making come together to deliver social impact.

Angus Addlesee is a PhD researcher, working to adapt voice assistants to be more accessible for people with dementia. He will talk about this project and many of the other interesting projects that will be presented at the upcoming European Chatbot and Conversational Summit.

Free school meals, data and service design (Anne Dhir)
With support from the Scottish Government and the Social Innovation Partnership, North Lanarkshire Council worked with Snook to trial this novel approach to make reach the thousands of pupils who are entitled to free school meals but aren't registered. How do we bring services to people instead of waiting for them to apply? What are the constraints about licences, ethics and consent? How departments and organisations need to work together?

Adapting voice assistants to be more accessible for people with dementia (Angus Addlesee)
As Scotland's population ages and carers face increasing pressures, Angus hopes to help people live in their own homes longer and more independently by adapting voice assistants. But - how can (relatively) small groups of vulnerable people be given due consideration while using data-driven methods? With help so far from Alzheimer Scotland, the Centre for Dementia Prevention, Edinburgh Medical School, the NHS, Wallscope, and The Data Lab - this project is well underway...

6pm - Optional pre-meetup informal chat
6.30pm - Intro & Community Announcements
6.45pm - Breakout chat
7pm - Adapting voice assistants to be more accessible for people with dementia
7.30pm - Free school meals, data and service design

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Edinburgh UX meetup invites UX people of all flavours to a monthly meeting of minds – a place to share ideas and indulge in idle banter. Whether you be designer, developer, guerrilla, enthusiast or just passing by, come join us on the last Monday of the month.