Lean Agile Edinburgh: LAE: Xmas Fun - Icebreakers and Energisers

Following on from our successful event in September looking at online retros we're picking up on the idea of trying our different ice breaker/energiser formats together. We have some already but need more from the community too, we can then talk about different ones we have found and try some out together, if we get enough people we'll break into groups. If you have tried any successful online icebreaker formats recently please pop the details on the Trello Board (or submit to the board via the email address)

Trello Board: trello.com
Email for Trello Board: lazallen+vbulownmpdya1nrblvq6@boards.trello.com

Ideally, we're looking for ones that can be used with minimal preparation by the facilitator or participants - so we focus on ones you can "pull out of your hat" when needed.

We will not be recording the session as this one will be (hopefully) highly interactive. If you just want to observe that is ok too, you can turn your video off if you like. That said it’s great to be able to see people too!
Bring a drink, you might need it!

As always we’ll be asking everyone to act within our code of conduct!

to (Europe/London time)

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More Information

Started in June 2013, Lean Agile Edinburgh is an informal and social monthly meetup to discuss and share all things agile, lean, kanban, scrum, etc. At most meetups we have talks, workshops/activities or Lean-Coffee discussion sessions.