Devops Glasgow: 'Tekton the Sequel' by Marc Hildenbrand - 7 July!

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Talk 1 (6:00 pm - 6:45 pm)
TOPIC: 'Tekton the Sequel'
This time it's (im)personal: Inspired by a question that was posed at a recent meetup, we look at Tekton the Kubernetes-native CI/CD through the objective lens of the more traditional Jenkins Pipelines running on Kubernetes and attempt to answer the question whether the world really needs another CI/CD toolchain. We'll compare and contrast the approaches with a discussion and demo of how the two CI/CD products implement the typical pipeline phases of building a tomcat application (e.g. build, test, analyze, image-build, etc) in Kubernetes. And we'll find out what Tekton has to do with a cheesy "Reese's Peanut Butter Cups" commercial from the 1980s. No prior knowledge of Tekton is necessary & links to a demo repo will be provided for those that persevere to the end of the talk!

SPEAKER: Marc Hildenbrand - Developer Advocate, RedHat
A lifelong software engineer, he has over 20 years of experience in software development. During his varied career he has been involved in the development of various exciting projects from large scale video games (such as Lord of the Rings Online) to 7-Eleven’s Fuel App, and the middleware that supports Public Transport Victoria’s mobile app which is used by thousands of commuters per day.
Prior to joining Red Hat, Marc was the global CTO of the award-winning digital consulting firm Tigerspike and was instrumental in making them one of AWS's hottest "APN Advanced Consulting" partners. He has a broad perspective on the development lifecycle and on what works (and does not work) when it comes to software projects.

Talk 2 - TBC

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