Devops Glasgow: A Full-Stack Data Scientist - What is it and how to become one

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A Full-Stack Data Scientist - What is it and how to become one.

Presenter - Alexey Grigorev - Lead Data Scientist at OLX Group

Alexey lives in Berlin with his wife and son. He’s a software engineer with a focus on machine learning. He works at OLX Group as a Lead Data Scientist. Alexey is a Kaggle master and he wrote a couple of books. One of them is “Mastering Java for Data Science” and now he’s working on another one — “Machine Learning Bookcamp”.

Chair - Robin Huggins, Director of Academy and Client Services at MBN Solutions | Data IQ 100 2019 & 2020 -

As Director of Academy & Client Services at MBN Solutions, Rob has spent his career at the sharp end of Talent Acquisition practice for the Data & Technology sectors.
Working as Delivery Partner for The Data Lab's MSc. Placement Programme, he designed and deployed the highly successful Employability framework that has seen over 250 aspirant Data practitioners placed into Scottish organisations over the last 4 years.

Rob sits on The University of Glasgow's School of Maths & Stats Industrial Advisory Board, acts as a Talent Advisor to DMA Scotland, contributes to Scotland’s AI Strategy as a member of the Skills & Knowledge Group and is a regular host, presenter and guest on a variety of Data & Technology related media and events.

Rob has been recognised by Data IQ as one of their 100 most influential Data and Analytics practitioners in UK organisations two years running

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