IT Security Kassel / Nordhessen Meetup: Security Meetup 0x31 (Remote) (Nr 49)

Vorträge / Talks:

1. High-stakes Negotiations and Social Engineering (Billy) (Talk in English)

Sweaty palms, rapid breathing, and just the general feeling of losing control - negotiations are stressful. Nonetheless, there are strategies to gain control and composure. Based on key points from the book "Never Split the Difference" by Chris Voss, this talk will focus on how such a strategy could look like and what advantages can be gained.

2. Frontend Security (Nico) (Talk in English)

3. NTP (JP) (Talk in English)

Die Zugangsdaten werden am Tag der Veranstaltung per E-Mail an alle angemeldeten Teilnehmer gesendet.

The access data will be sent to all registered participants by email on the day of the event.


Die Veranstaltung ist offen, jeder ist gerne willkommen!
Wenn Du Fragen hast, einfach in die Kommentare schreiben: Es findet sich sicherlich jemand der sie beantwortet.
Falls du selbst etwas vorstellen willst, z.B. wenn Du etwas Cooles entdeckt hast oder schlicht teilen willst gerne her damit! Wir freuen uns auf jeden Vortrag egal wir lang er ist.

The event is open, everyone is welcome!
If you have any questions, just write in the comments: You will surely find someone to answer them.
If you want to present something yourself, e.g. if you've discovered something cool or just want to share it! We are looking forward to every presentation no matter how long it is.

Dauer der Vorträge / Duration of the talks:
Normal: Max 1h 30, Shorty: Kurzvortrag / Short talk

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Gewünschte Themen für weitere Veranstaltungen / Desired topics for further events::

- BurpSuite
- WS-Security
- Rest Security OWASP / Rest API
- Android Pentests mit Frida

- Bug Bounty Hunting
- Bug Bounty Programm für OSS

- Social Engineering - Ad Targeting
- Elliptic Curve Crypto Basics

- Reverse Engineering Radare
- Ida Pro Workflow

- DFF Digital Forensics Framework

- Kaputtes WLAN / KRACK
- Router-Hacks (AVM z.B.)

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