dotnet York: Remote Kata - April Meetup

Due to the current situation with Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the UK we'll be meeting remotely. The session will be held on the York Developers slack channel #dotnetyork ( If you don't have access to the Slack group please message me and I'll sort it out.

We'll be running a hands-on mobbing kata via VS Live Share, we'll choose a Kata and then go around the table each implementing a test and writing the code to make it pass.

If you've not done much C# coding before, they'll be lots of friendly people to give you a hand, so don't worry 👍.

We'll have a fairly relaxed agenda, but will follow:
- 👋 Introduction / Housekeeping
- 🗣️ Round table introductions
- 👨‍🏫 Mob C# Coding Kata
- 🎉 Closing
- 🍻 Virtual Social

You'll need the following setup on your laptop to join in the event:
- Slack -
- VSCode -
- VSCode Live Share Plugin -

Can people ensure that their webcams are enabled and turned on during the event, I know it's a little scary at first but people's facial expressions and body language allow people to engage with other people a lot easier than just looking at an avatar 👍.

If anyone has any problems feel free to message me.

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About dotnet York

dotnet York is a .NET user group looking to focus on .NET and anything related to .NET ecosystem. We encourage developers of any skill level to come join in on our events to either learn or share.